Sunday, August 28, 2011

more of the current...

heres the poly 6 as i recieved it. its pretty beat. no power connection . its been cut off and stripped (frightening) . so with that guy we're pretty much starting at zero. i spliced a quick poer cord on.. it powered up. no smoke and alot of ill behaviour though. upon a quick initial inspection i found : battery is not exploded (good) . several corrosive spots on pcbs from previous soda spills (bad) general oxidation of traces (bad) alot of free floating objects ( 4 pennies, 3 screws) inside (that could cause shorts it in contact with the WRONG things.. (VERY BAD) . so lets say that i'll start with a serious bath for all those pcbs in some iso alcohol and high pressure air to blow them dry. then deoxit all the connectors. remove the battery and maybe put in a coin cell if i can get it running. not to mention installing an IEC socket for the power cord. what a fuckin mess. i have a feeling this may be a "ill buy it for parts" kinda repair job for me. it might not make it back from the grave. it depends on how much the client is willing to spend on her. shes time intensive for sure. mine was.
if you notice the serious grime on it from the pic of the single wipe of tissue with iso on it. wow. mad grime. then you can se the clean spot that was made when i swiped it.. nasty shit. so we'll see if i can get it running then maybe made a little nicer looking after her hearts beating..:)

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