Wednesday, March 23, 2011

tah dah!

fianally after lots of work, probing, testing, metering, soldering , tapping, cutting and cursing: its done! hell yeah.

all tested and installed into its home. heres some pics and video of the sequencer driving a sequential circuts pro-one. using the A channel gate and slide feature while B channel cv does the p1 filter.

so worth it. this things quite fun. when in random mode it could easily be a backdrop for Space 1999, doctor who, or buck rodgers, or perhaps even "mother" from aliens" flashing lights as if to say 'computing, computing, computing. "

its one of a kind that im glad to have taken the time and effort to have built. the digital line inversion make the machine extremely crazy. i had it doing alternat lines by switching halfs of the sequence and using 8 per side. it was ridiculous kinda.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


well heres the vid of everything running with the 4 bit control line modification...
its almost hard to know what happening....

only the battle has been won...

well after some serious diagnosis, goose chasing and alot of pin pointed tested.. its running. 100%

itseems there was a bad solder connection on the CV A channel that was casuing it to have a output of -1.3 v.. weird. but i resoldered and reheated things and BAM! there it was.

so second issue that was left . the gate B line. it was not reaching full hysteresis threshold for the 40106 portion of the circuit to flip and invert. so everythin after that wasnt happening. it took a long while to track down the culprit. there was somethin in the gates' led cathode bus that was grounding when it shouldne have been. another issue i had was that the B rows leds were VERY bright even with the same value resitor in place to ground as the A line.. this was a shining example of where i should have started to look. im supposing that there was something .. aerrant piece of wire/solder/metal .. SOMETHING that was connecting that bus to ground. since when i was testing and isolating things.. i discoed the bus line from ground and the leds still worked!?!?!?! W T F ? so obviously somewhere else something was touching to ground. after a while and another weirdness, it went to normal. ! hot damn! but im not sure why the other weirdness happened.. the CV A's tl084 snapped and POPPED! just like that. it totally shit itself.. nothing touched it, connected with it or anything... so i replaced that and began a full test .

so now every module works as it was designed to.
including the prototype of the SLIDE>. its mad sweet.

now all thats left is the module for the xternal clock trigger comparator-buffer and the wiring of the trigger outs to 2 DB25's for the gate hold module. then that guy gets tucked into his case and ever so gently put into place.... man i cant wait!
here are some pics and videos.

Monday, March 7, 2011

more pics.

power connections, 4 bit line switchers, db 15's for the swithcers and .01" headers for every connection to and from anything moveable or modifiable. (what a chore!) the reason for all the cable length is that the entire aluminum frame that all the pcbs are on is swing open able from the right side. so as to have access to the pots and switches for repairs. so the lengths have to reach when opened fully. i think id figure out a different design if i did this again. .. its not the easiest thing to deal with...

leviathan pics

here are some pics of the machine.. im still diagnosing some off the issues with circuits misbehaving.. but all leds run in correct fashion. (5 rows of 16!!!)
ill upload some videos of the display soon. it utilizes 3 of the 4 bitch switch modification that ive discovered.... it at times looks like its broke, but is just running quite as it should..:)