Thursday, March 22, 2012

monowave pics

heres the pics of the front of the MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS SHRUTHI-1 "monowave" im making. im trying to make it very ppg/machine- ish as i can..minus the ebony side overlays...:)

final frontiers: new synths

so ive discovered microprocessor based virtual synths as DIY projects... the meeblip was first. HARSH raw and its own animal.. i loved it immediately, so i set about to build another that had modifications.. cv ins for all the potentiometer controls! ... then i discovered the SHRUTHI-1. woah. what a beast of an engine! basicly a mono voice ppg of sorts with selectable filter cards . all that you build. im in.. so i set about doing desighns and ordering parts... measuring, testing.. etc. heres some pics of updates and such. both ended up being 3 u rack units since its the most efficient space wise and to make the easy of assembly work in my advantage.

so for the "monowave" the shruthi, i had to design a switching circuit that allowed multiple parallel lines to be switched in unison to utilize the multi filter card set up with no physical switching. enter CD 4052 CMOS IC. 4-1 switcher. love it. i had to proto a switching circuit.. man it was like a science experiment! but alot of fun to figure it all out direct from the chip spec sheet. so after that was done i could go ahead with implementation and build.. im using a greeen over sized OLED for the display as well so its easy to read and edit. im also using recycled MAC keyboard switches for all buttons/switches. i really want to make look as much like a ppg as i can! so..

on the meeblip i went straight for the old roland SH series in design.. they were some of the best looking machines ever! so...