Tuesday, July 20, 2010






more video. for real now...

walking through the mirror...

ok. so i went from theoretical to reality. i built the inversion switches and module and installed it into the original sequencer (which had plenty or room in it) and tested it.. FAN*F__KING* TASTIC!

its unreal what i does. it deos exactly what the table suggested , but combined with the step length and reset and bi directional modes on the sequencer .. its craaaaaaazy. you can make the last parts of the sequence loop. have it run n complete reverse (not bi-directional) and have it it do all the nested looping in reverse and within a desired length. its ridiculous. ive only ever seen one seuqncer that will do this.. the RENEE for modular stuff. it makes a linear sequencer. non-lilnear. LOOOOOVE IT> it adds so many new variations to an allready cool sequence.

so heres where reality gets super warped. this inversion hack can be done for any module seperately within that system.. so if i have 2 channels of cv , they can have seperate inversions for each one with no real efort really other than breadboarding one 40106 hex inverter chip. (after the main buffer/inverter is made..)

so i fabricated a set of 4 inversion controls that occupy the very bottom of the new cabinet i made. one will be for this sequencer... i may do the drax version on only the one channel. or maybe one for each.. depends on my mood. since that has 2 channels of cv gate on it. or i may leave that one be since its allready a serious frankenstein creation with haphazard wiring and precarious engineering...

heres some footage of what the inversion hack does.. its driving the sequential circuts pro-one with just a single oscillator for reference.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

holy inversion batman!

ok.. there are 4 digital control pulse lines that come from the main clocking chip on the mfos sequencer board. they control what step is selected on the multiplexer -demultiplexer chip (cd4067) that selects what pot/sequencer channel is playing and what order. .. so ive been making amping buffer for these signals using a cd40106 hex inverter (2 for each amp up. one gets inverted the other gets re-inverted to normal) but amped to 12 volt for larger spans of wire and multiple submodules.. so if you tap that amp/buffer half way through (the inverted) and the look at the truth table ((((((MATH??????????))))))))) for the 4067.. i sat downa figured out exactly how all that numeric giberish translates to the sequencer order and playback.



needless to say im adding this into the new one. damn straight.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

drax phase 2 : rewire.

so i had the choice of ether rewiring the main pots or leaving them as is.. i decided to go for the money and rewire those shits to be right.. so they should go to the hinge side of the rear panel to meet up with breakaway headers that then go to the main cv channels. hopefully the extra work will be justified when i have trouble shoot this bitch. and i know i will for damn sure. theres too many unknowns withthe design right now. the poramento circuit is the only proto of it. :) like scotty rebuil;ding the enterprise.. "i wouldnt bet the farmon it captain..well scotty we dont hava choice do we. im counting on you mr scott." so anyway 2 pics are of the re wire and use of the 16 conductor ribbon, if you do anything that has wiring simular USE THIS SHIT! its fantastic. all electronics has it for very very reasonable prices. and it it well worth the price for the amount of clutter and rats nests it avoids. it tames the wild wires.
the next one after the rewire is the slide mux/de-mux chip that basicly selects between the portamento circuit and the normal circuit. this if it works should be dope. and its and incredibly simple thing. hopefully. i may be speaking too soon...after that is GATE chan B its basicly the same as the main gate section on the digital board except its seperate. and it has to tie to 2 diodes on the main board (d28-29) this adds another channel of gate to the machine. handy for many many things. envs, lfos. drums, retriggering anything. or using it as a second sequence with channel b cv.
after that is the 40106 hex inverter led buffer. it basicly buffers up the leds pulses so as to chain them and add another row of leds to whatever they come from. i like leds... so i need 2 of these guys for on here.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

drax phase 2 continued continued

one more vid..

PAHSE 2 continued..

more pics for the hinge and such...an a vid or 2.

DRAX 2 : phase 2 begins

i have all the main work related components in the face now and all are wired.. minus connex to the board they have to go to. so the next step was to get a hinged back frame to hang all the modules and sub modules on. and start on their arrangement (important). the arrangement depends on what needs to be connected to what and WHERE. the biggest concern was that the 2 boards for the 2 rows of cvs are near and shortest.. since they were allready wired. i had planned on doing things don the center originally but now i see that was mistake .. so all wires should be run down to the right side (from back) and then over to the boards... i can either rewire all the pots whick wouldnt be THAT bad or leave then as is.. i may opt to re wire since ive tried to be logical and plan ahead so far... so the pics are of the back pre frame and post frame.. also theyll be a little video giving a panarama and a demo of the hinge.. simple but effective. now its finish the propagation of the boards and maybe rty to find breakaway headers for the connections. that would be incredibly helpful in the long run.