Sunday, August 28, 2011

current status buffer : full!

so the benches are seriously full: no vacancy. im knee deep into the ARP ody redo, which is about 3 projects in itself. ( the ody and case, the distro section and then the mfos minisynth under it) both the MFOS and the ody are augmented with an extra MFOS envelope as well.. so yeah.. then i have another sequencer peripheral row expander unit that has 2 more rows of cv with coarse and fine tunes and each has the controll line mod i did. then i got my friend Karl's octave kitten to fix and open on the main bench.. add to that now the 909's rim trigger issue to solve (workaround and maintenence in progress) . i also have a poly 6 which is fairly fucked to repair for a client in detroit.
and an emax II rack to assemble for a friend in florida.

so yeah theres alot onthe benches now. to say the least.

heres some pics of the current things...

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