Monday, February 6, 2012

the light..

so ive finished my sort of ms-20 copy. since ill never pay what they go for now. waaaay overpriced. its the second doepfer diy ynth and the first in one enclosure and when they are linked... MAN THEY SOUND DOEPFER! ha. seriously the sound exactly as i had hoped. its actually sort of better than an ms since i can use them in any configuration of oscs and filters i need to. or as seperate units even. i still have to figure out why the 3rd env on the new on is slightly funky.. cold solder joints i think. i didnt have a ton of time to ferret out things .. just the initial first test. made it about 93% of the way.. not too bad at all! things never work right out of the gate. those moments are gifts from above!:) anyway heres some pics.. ill put up some vids later on this week. i tried running a simple 8 step sequence off the sequencer (1 pitch 1 filter A one filter B) rows of cv.. man was it FUUUUUUUUCKING sweet. like an ms with the ASQ10. but even more flexable...

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